You guys. I found this recipe on Pinterest and wow! It is one of the tastiest soups I have ever had!  I have made it three times now (in less than two months haha!)  So this last time I made it I took pics so that I could share the love with all of you 🙂



It originally was called ‘Zucchini Tomato Soup with Italian Sausage’ but I just call it vegetable soup because there are quite a few veggies in it besides zucchini (although it is the star!) I also substituted the crumbled Italian sausage with an Italian style link chicken sausage that I slice and sauté’.   There is a lot of chopping and dicing for this dish but it is worth it!

Here are the main ingredients you will need:


Here are the herbs and seasonings:


I slice and brown my sausage first and set it to the side:


I then get to town chopping and dicing!


Add all of the Veggies to the pot with some Olive Oil and simmer until softened. Then add sausage back to pot.


The pic above does not show but I let me veggies get pretty soft (translucent) before I add the remaining ingredients!

The outcome is incredible! I promise! Full directions and list of ingredients below!



2 boxes good quality Vegetable broth (low sodium is fine as well!)

Sausage or meat of your choice (or make it vegetarian!)

2 Zucchini chopped

2 Red Bell Peppers diced

2 cups carrots chopped

1 large sweet onion diced

1 cup celery diced

1 large can diced tomatoes

1/4 cup tomato paste

2 tbs. minced garlic

1 tbs. oregano

pinch of red pepper flakes

fresh basil chopped



olive oil

Parmesan cheese grated (optional)



Brown meat and set aside.

In a large soup pot add a few tablespoons olive oil.

add onion, celery, red bell pepper, and carrots to pot and simmer until translucent.

push all veggies to sides of pot leaving an opening in the center and add tomato paste, garlic, and red pepper flakes and simmer for about one minute.

stir everything together.

add meat, zucchini, diced tomatoes, broth, basil, oregano, salt, & pepper.

Bring to a boil.

sprinkle in some grated parmesan cheese (optional) and continue to season to taste!

simmer about 30 minutes or until veggies are fully cooked.



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