These adorable little pumpkin centerpieces are so easy to make and very affordable!

I made these in under an hour with a cost of about $15!

Below is all you need in order to make these! The flowers and little Styrofoam pumpkins are all from The Dollar Tree. You will also need white acrylic paint, a paintbrush, and an exacto knife.


Start out by cutting a circle onto the top of the pumpkins with your knife (there is already a perfect size circle around the stem of the pumpkins, just follow that!)


The pumpkins are hollow inside so you will know when you went deep enough because the top will pop off easily.


Next, give the pumpkins a coat of the white paint (the Styrofoam is pretty porous so you will need to do at least two coats of paint, and maybe a third just for touchups!)


While my first coat of paint was drying I went ahead and cut the tags off of my flowers and separated them into two bouquets.


Above is after my second coat of paint.

Then the last step is just bending the stems of your flowers in half like this one below, there is no need to cut the stems because once inserted into the pumpkin the stem will help hold everything up nicely and you wont see it at all!


Then you simply pop your bouquets into the center of the pumpkin and arrange to your liking! The end result is an adorable centerpiece/decoration that looks like a million bucks and only cost a few 😉 You can use any color paint or any color scheme of flower that you want! I hope this little fun fall craft inspires you like it did me! ❤


Published by Molly

just a Wifey & Mommy living in California, and sharing some tips along the way 😊

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