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The Famous Green Power Smoothie from Terri NYC!


This super simple recipe comes from Terri a vegetarian eatery in NYC.  Although their food is delicious the most popular item on the menu is their Green Power smoothie! The ingredients consist of a half of a banana, half of a pear, 1 tablespoon almond butter (or peanut butter!) 1 cup fresh kale.  Frozen the night before (so you don’t have to add ice!) and simply tossed into a blender with 1 cup of soy milk (or your milk of choice!) this healthy & satisfying smoothie is perfect for making ahead and grabbing on the go! ☺️🌱🌱🌱

These are my ingredients after being frozen overnight, you can’t tell from the pic but the kale is frozen solid! It’s pretty cool actually……



The original recipe calls for soy milk but you can also use skim, almond, or coconut!


Toss in your blender & enjoy!





Blueberry Kefir Overnight Oatmeal


This super simple superfood recipe is awesome! So yummy day or night! Did I mention simple?! 


Bluberry Kefir ( 2 cups)

Fresh Blueberries ( 1 cup)

Chia Seeds ( 2 tbs.)

Old Fashioned Oats ( 1 cup)


Mix ingredients together in medium sized mixing bowl until well blended and then transfer into a container that seals tight ( I prefer wide mouth Mason jars because you can fit your utensils and eat right out of them!)

Refridgerate overnight.

Enjoy straight out of the jar (like me!) or warmed and drizzled with a little honey! 💛🍯

Kale Chips

My junk food guilty pleasure has always been potato chips! I love the crunch, I love the salt. I was a little bit skeptical to try Kale Chips but after hearing so many good things about them and ending up with a huge bag of leftover chopped kale I decided to give them a try!image

This Fool Proof Kale Chip recipe is quick & super yum! I used the already cut up bagged version but you can also use fresh (just wash, de-stem,& rip into bite sized pieces!) Make sure Kale is thoroughly dried before baking.

Heat oven to 350• Place kale in a single layer on cookie sheet. Drizzle with Olive Oil (or spritz with oil spray), toss to coat. Bake for 10 mins, toss, bake another 5-10 mins. Season to taste at the end! Enjoy the crunch!